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Welcome to RisqueBay.com

RisqueBay is an erotica auction site selling original film and prints from the Golden Era of Erotica. While the archive contains many of the original film and prints that were used to make the magazines, it also contains about 90% of the original film that was unpublished. This film has been in the original sleeves for decades stored in environmentally controlled warehouse until they were scanned and placed in proper sleeves for auction. Collectors will own a piece of erotic history.

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Discover the "Color" of "Black and White"

Joyce Mandel 1960's Pinup

StagFilm Box Cover Stills Original Film

This was an original piece of film that was used to make the stag film box cover during the Golden Age of erotic

Most Downloaded Girl Original Film Dani Ashe

When the Internet was in its infancy, Dani Ashe was in some of the last erotica magazines in the 1990's


Collect your favorite ladies from the golden era of erotica. From pinups, to stags, to 1980's big hair, to mud wrestling, to the last of film before everthing went digital a vast archive of film is being offered by a few long term sellers from the now defunct section on a major auction site.